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i am bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here 'cause we're definitely looking out for you this is a fox news alert. talk of aire in middle east as explosions continue to rock the gaza strip and israel. welcome to hannity. i'm tucker carlson. hillary clinton traveled to the region from cambodia to meet with benjamin netanyahu. during a press conference she explained what the u.s. is hopeful there. listen. >> the rocket attacks from terrorist organizations inside gaza on israeli cities and towns must end. the goal must a durable out come that advances the security and the legitimate aspirations of
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israelis and palestinians alike. >> fox news has just learned that secretary clinton met with netanyahu along with other israeli officials for more than two hours tonight. they discussed ways to de-escalated the situation. tomorrow she will meet with mahmoud ahmadinejad and sit down with egyptian president with mohammed morsi. as the international community pushes for a cease-fire we saw some of the most intense fire yet as hamas continued to launch rockets and israeli forces slammed targets in gaza. they publicly executed six men they accused of being spies for israeli. they were forced to lay on the ground and then they were murdered. one of those bodies were tied to back of motorcycle and dragged through the streets. david lee miller is live in southern israel.
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>> cease-fire, what cease-fire? in fact if anything is taking place it's been an escalation. today alone militants in gaza fired at least 130 rockets towards israel. one of them landed in a tel aviv suburb. it hit an apartment building but no serious injuries. this was the farthest into israel. also today, there were sirens in jerusalem as it turns out. a rocket there landed outside that city. ironically landing in a palestinian village. throughout the day there was barrage after barrage in southern israel. i talked to one man a volunteer ambulance driver. he returned home only to discover that his home had been hit by a rocket. meanwhile, israel during the last several hours has continued to pound gaza. there have been reports of a massive fire in downtown gaza city.
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there are reports that israeli military has hit a building that houses journalists and french news agency afp. they say it houses the intelligence service of hamas. in addition to the israeli air force, the israeli navy is also launching attacks against gaza. we have exclusive video that our fox news crew recorded today that shows israeli artillery on the outskirts of gaza firing into the strip. israeli forces remain amassed along the border ready if necessary for a ground incurs. lastly, tucker, the death toll on both sides continued to escalate, at least 21 palestinians were killed, two more israelis died in the conflict. for the first time an israeli soldier is among them the soldier was killed by a mortar.
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diplomacy continues but so too does the violence. >> liz cheney joins us and john bolton joins us. ambassador bolton, our secretary of state is trying to broker a cease-fire. apparently it hasn't worked. what do you think she could offer to hamas or is offering for their promise to stop sending rockets into israel? >> i think it's very concerning. although president obama publicly has been very supportive this past week of israel's right to defend itself. i think there is a lot going on behind the scenes particularly efforts by the united states and others to persuade the netanyahu government not to go in with ground forces into the gaza strip because of the obvious ramifications. having watched the efforts by
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the israeli military to destroy the rocket launching areas to find the longer range missiles that were supplied by iran, i don't think they are nearly ready yet. if the pressure on israel to agree to a cease-fire is intense as it looks from the outside, i think that a cease-fire is agreed to in the next few days, it's going to be very temporary. what is really at issue here is a huge strategic shift. this is not really hamas versus israel. this is iran demonstrating they have the capability to attack israeli civilian population centers, not just from iran, not just from hezbollah and lebanon but clearly from hamas in the gaza strip, as well. >> that is one of the main stories. israel's ability to protect itself partly to use iron dome. why given the obvious success in last week conflict, is this
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administration hesitant to embrace missile defense for the u.s. why wouldn't we be more forward than we are? >> it's very important question. i think you have seen in this administration a concern about offending in the case of missile defense for us offending the russians when we had plans to put missile defense systems in czech area and poll and. what we are seeing is larger issue is gaza versus israel. it's important to remind people that israelis withdrew from gaza and handed the territory over to the palestinians. so when you hear people saying the problem here is the israelis aren't well to give up land for peace, what we're seeing on the screen and what we are seeing unfold the palestinians don't want hamas does not want to live in peace. they have no concerns at all about killing israeli civilians or putting their own missile launchers where their own
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civilians will be killed. this president's policy of withdrawing from the world, retreating from the region has put iran in a position where they, in fact, feel emboldened. we saw today reports of the international atomic agency the head of the agency came out and said that the sanctions that the u.n. hats imposed on iran and the united states and obama administration touts so often. they have had no impact at all on the iranian nuclear program. that is the head of the agency. we're really in a position of diminished power and diminished ability to influence the outcome of events. >> here is what i am confused. i remember hearing that democratic nations are peaceful, hamas democratically elected in 2006, morsi government was just elected and they become more anti-american, more dangerous to israel, more anti-western.
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what went wrong with our understanding of democracy here? >> i think it was much too limited. democracy is a culture. it's a way of life. it's not just simply holding an election and counting votes. it takes a long time to get it in place. it's no knock on any particular region or religion to say that. people have recognized it as far back as jon stewart, in europe they didn't cover themselves in glory in the last century. in russia having passed out of authoritarianism may be going back into it. so the fact that a group can gel elected in the and they believe the first 9/11 was an inside job can elect the president of egypt is no surprise. what it shows the general deterioration of the security situation for the united states, for israel and other friends in
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the region that has certain under the obama administration. >> so we should stop promoting democracy as a cure all for trouble spots around the world. maybe the government's policy should change? >> think it would be wrong to to say democracy is panacea but i think it's important we defend our values. in a case an election does not suffice to establish a democracy. you have to be in a situation where you are able to support all those elements of civil society including the rule of law and independent judiciary, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly, all those elements that make up a democracy. frankly when you have a situation where in this case the palestinian people chose to be governeded by hamas, it makes it difficult for them, those that live in gaza, to stay they want
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to be members of the world community. >> exactly right. we'll be right back. coming up the plotted thickens in the benghazi cover-up. new report names the party responsible for altering susan rice's talking points. we'll have liz and ambassador bolton back coming up and major allegations of racism against the republican party. we'll play the comments. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] caroline penry began using olay total effects in 2001. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects
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many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay.
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welcome back to hannity. for several weeks lawmakers have been asking who is responsible for editing the administration's benghazi talking points. tonight we are getting closer to find out the answer to that now important question. according to cbs news it appears that the office of director of
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national intelligence headed by james clapper is preparing to take the fall to remove all references to al-qaeda and terrorism from that document. these were the talking points used by susan rice appearances which she blamed the incident on a youtube video. this revelation directly contradicts what clapper's and colleagues and intel community told congress last week. take a look at this. >> that the hearing we had on thursday and friday, we had every leader of the intelligence community there including folks from the state department, the f.b.i., everybody there was asked do you know who made these changes. nobody knew. the only entity that reviewed it was that was not there is the white house.
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>> so clapper was in the room and refused to take responsibility just last week. now, all of a sudden, that pressure is mounting on the white house and he steps forward to admit culpability. john mccain released a statement quote, this latest episode is why many of us is so frustrated and suspicious of the actions of the administration when it comes to the benghazi attack. still with us is john bolton and liz cheney. you i hate to think that the director of national intelligence is liar. apparently she contradict go what he testified to just last week. is there another explanation? >> this whole thing. this is not a white house i would point out that has credibility on issues like this. people may not recall that back in 2009 then dni ambassador blair sent a memo to the white house saying how effective
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enhanced interrogation was. they took references out there. you have a record where you've got important documents that reflect issues of national security importance to the united states which are somewhere being edited in the process. secondly i would say it's important for people not to focus who took out those wordz. it is not as though susan rice went on the air or the secretary of state and simply said all the same words but didn't say al-qaeda. i went back and looked what she said today. she was absolutely unequivocal on fox news sunday, what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hateful video. there was no question here. it was a massive protest that had been sparked what was going on in cairo. all which we now know to be absolutely untrue. we know the american people have been misled. somebody took the word al-qaeda
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out of the talking points. congress needs to hold hearings. i think the senate was up holding their responsibility as well as the house of representatives on this issue. >> so it appears to be larger part of a strategy to protect susan rice for her to become intersect. democrats say that is true. why the focus on getting susan rice into this job and since she occupies the job you once held, is he is qualified to be secretary of state. is she? >> i'm always glad to see u.s. ambassadors make something of themselves after that assignment. i don't hold it against her. i think what it may show the president doesn't want to nominate john kerry to be secretary of state. he thought he had first term. now it looks like he may get the defense department as a consolation prize which is
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frightening. the real point, it's not simply the paper trail of these talking points. the administration as a whole including the white house spokesman, including the president himself on multiple occasions was following a narrative that the benghazi attack was caused by the mohammad video. there is nobody in the government who believes that except the president and knows right around him. the real question is knowing the benghazi attack,hose first who was it that made the decision they were going to explain it that way. i would ask susan rice between 9/11 and your appearance on those five sunday talk shows, did you talk to president obama? did you talk to the national security advisor? did you talk to valerie jarret or david axelrod?
6:19 pm
follow the trail but look at the bigger picture. >> here is the biggest picture. the guy who made this video that the administration blames for benghazi attacks came from egypt coming here in the hope he could say what he really thought does so and winds up in jail. there he is now. why is he being defended by anyone. he is in jail because of a video he made? >> we do know that secretary clinton told the father of one of the dead americans, don't worry, we're going to get this guy. the notion they have been focused on the video, focused on the maker of the video, again this isn't just a policy difference. this is situation where al-qaeda attacked us on 9/11 and we were misled by the president and secretary of state. >> coming up, you can count on
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debbie wasserman schultz to throw out some lines. the new crop of republicans in congress, here a hint. they are racist and union members are threatening protest on new year. is right in the middle of it. back in a minute.  with the spark miles card from capital one,
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take a look at when the house convenes, republican side of aisle got whiter and more male and we now have a majority of minority and female caucus. pretty amazing. >> that is chairwoman debbie
6:24 pm
wasserman schultz. even though the election is over the language you have heard over the past year, apparently none of it is not going away. you saw members of black caucus is smearing john mccain for his criticism of ambassador susan rice. congressman james clyburn suggested that racism motivates critics of susan rice. >> these are code words. we heard them through the campaign. we heard sununu call in our president lazy, incompetent, these kinds of terms that those of us who were born and raised in south, we have been hearing these words and phrases all of our lives. we get insulted by them. is this the new normal for democratic party? will every issue be an issue of
6:25 pm
racism. here is david web and alexis mcgill johnson. is there a single person saying i wanted more of what she is selling? >> the challenge is, g.o.p., we don't know what they are sealing. as women, we have a party of connected to the party of voter i.d. laws and birtherism. there is nothing to offer us. i think you do need to start competing absolutely more. >> so you have in the last election, you have a black unemployment rate that twice the white unemployment rate. a little over 14%. president presided gets 96% of the african-american vote. you can't do that if without convincing the other side? >> the black unemployment has been twice white unemployment.
6:26 pm
>> it's 14%. in the bush administration it wasn't 14%. >> no it hasn't but it's always been twice of that of white unemployment. black under employment is closer to 25%. that that is regardless of party. that is regardless of party. i think we've seen black unemployment is a challenge because black people -- >> i would say its disaster. david, isn't convincing black voters, latino voters, asian voters, fastest growing democrat oh grachk, that republican party hates them is essence ens of democratic strategy? >> what they did back in 2008 was to divide people in groups. you have the black voters. you have hispanic voters, younger women and all this. that is political strategy. let's go back to something that
6:27 pm
she said. the party of birtherism. party of legitimate rape that is insult to most conservatives. most people don't agree with the comments of a few people in this country when we have literally a divided country while the electoral college shows a different point. let me finish my point. let me finish my point. it's insulting to americans to play identity politics. there is big difference of engaging any group. black unemployment is a serious problem that goes back to education. in any community education is the biggest thing that leads to socioeconomic growth. so rather than playing this identity game which is what the democrats do, g.o.p. has to get
6:28 pm
better and engage in communities on policies, not because it's different for hispanics or blacks but because it is good for the american people. >> not just americans of one color or the other, the game that has accelerated in the last couple of years where every comment is a dog whistle, every word is a code word. that is race effort term. that is racist -- isn't at a certain point racism is devalued here? >> i do agree with that. we are creating racial anxiety by defining everything as racist >> are you surprised that electing a black president racial tensions are higher? >> racial attitudes have increased under this president. >> obama was going to bring the
6:29 pm
component parts of america together? >> he is not responsible for racist attitudes. i want to get to back to your point. some of the larger conversation about democrats being divisive. first of all, mitt romney's whole platform was about free stuff. he said 47% and whatever. we were like, 47% -- then he came back and he said the 447% was young people and women -- 47% was young people. the policies themselves that he put forward in terms of education, his budget .... >> the fact is she is cherry pick to go make a point rather than looking at the issue for what it is. you want to separate this issue? let's give her the identity. objection of susan rice is not based on her color, it's based
6:30 pm
on her performance and based on what we saw come out. the race baiter and pimp which is jim clyburn. you mentioned my boy, biden gets to say my home boi in the same tone. this is the problem. is the democrats aren't interested in engaging americans on policy. they are interested in getting people to vote themselves in their self-interests by telling them what their interests is. >> we are out of time. [ talking over each other ] >> thank you both. coming up, alan west concedes his house seat to democratic challenger. what is next up for colonel west? and unions threaten to wreak havoc on black friday. behind it all. we'll explain when we come back.
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black friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and customers are planning on hitting walmart may run into some trouble. here is why. protests have been staged outside walmarts across the country by the united food union and labor union is planning to disrupt your black friday shopping. wal-mart is not backing down. they filed a complaint with the
6:35 pm
national labor relations board that apparently won't be granted after thanksgiving. the dailyer caller has uncovered that is getting in the fight. they are sending out e-mails and trying to get people to strike on friday. even if they don't work for the retail giant. joining me kirsten powers, in the middle of a recession with retailers suffering across this country, the last thing we need is a strike at walmart on the biggest shopping day of year by unions? >> yeah. probably not the best thing for the economy but if you look at the workers they have valid complaints against walmart. i'm not a big fan of walmart in the way they have treated their employees. i really don't understand how the national labor relations board have a right to tell people they can't picket.
6:36 pm
you as a libertarian would be offended by that. >> i don't think governments should have anything to do with unions and vice versa? >> they have retaliation of people that have brought up issues having regular work schedules. >> how many people are being forced to work at walmart? i've had a job before and i've been fired. you don't have to work somewhere if you don't like it? >> they are allowed to protest. it's like a hospital. somebody can't buy their snuggie. >> people want to quit if they don't like it. not about walmar. this is about the labor unions trying to tap in, the democratic party trying to tap in one of the great untapped sources of wealth which is walmart
6:37 pm
employees? >> absolutely. remember. walmart has been a target of the left for so many years right now. they have had discrimination lawsuits against them. they have card check has been targeted against them. in 2009, when card check legislation came close to passing. walmart stock dropped because they figured it was going to cost walmart a whole lot to be able to afford to have their employees unionized. according to the labor relations act, these employees can only strike for about 30 days. it's over that time limit at this point and they don't have a right to protest right now. >> i don't understand why conservatives are saying that. >> i think people ought to have the right to protest. i think companies have the right
6:38 pm
to fire the people. it's their company. here is my question. >> the idea the left has been targeting through lawsuits. >> that is true. >> there was a massive lawsuit by 22,000 women about dis -- 2,000 women in nation in 20 states. >> hold on. somebody who has worked for a number of companies that has been forced to join unions, have you ever worked in a union shop that didn't have lazy siness and has the union come into the company and made it more efficient? no, i'm asking... what are you talking about. have you ever worked in a company like that? >> walmart people are lazy? >> i'm saying unions exist and i have worked in a number of businesses with unions to protect people who would be
6:39 pm
fired under other circumstances. >> that is why unions exist. >> oh, yes, it is. >> unions exist to make sure that people have a voice, a collective votes because alone they don't enough of a voice to be able to compete with the power, for example, walmart which is very powerful. you are trying to pretend this walmart is a shrinking violet. >> who is the biggest donor to the democratic campaign? would it be unions? it's a political issue, isn't it >> i don't see the logic. >> as far as the discrimination stuff, remember the company policy over walmart they have anti-discrimination policy. you can't go to every wal-mart here discriminates or this one
6:40 pm
discriminates. so the class action ended up failing because they couldn't go up the chain and say it's discriminating. it's complete nonsense. what happened last year, you have the occupy wall street boycott trying to disrupt business. this is just a publicity stunt. >> we're coming very close to solving this and i can people it but unfortunately commercial considerations is going to prevent that from happening. alan west finds his bid to keep his congressional seat and concedes the race. he joins me after the break what he plans to do next. he says his fight is far from over. look at amazing video, it's called a fire tornado. to use it in another global warming ad by al gore. the man was capturing the video says no and he is standing up to
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after contesting election results for the past two weeks, my next guest is conceding the race to patrick murphy. he explains the decision in the post politics plans. man himself and colonel alan west. thanks for coming on. >> thanks so much. >> it must have been a tough decision for you to make.
6:45 pm
what do you plan to do? >> we took it up to the certain indication deadline. it ended up certifying results from about a week ago which had it as a .85% and still there are about 306 ballots that were not included in the final report which admitted had irregularities. what we were very successful in doing showing there is some issues as far as the voting contention there in the county. you don't want to prolong or protracted case. you want to make sure the people have representation. so that is why we accepted the results that they posted albeit there are probably issues with it. >> so what does that mean? you are best known, one of the most conservative members of the house of representatives. you have your own constituency, what are you going to do?
6:46 pm
>> we've got a great amount of support in south florida, across the country. right now the most important thing is to enjoy thanksgiving with the family and my youngest daughter, 16th birthday is on saturday. we'll pray and discuss with a family where we go. understand this, you can continue to fight for conservative principles and values for the restoration of this constitutional republic. you don't have to have a title to be able to do it. the citizens really do have the power to make an effect upon their government. that is what we'll continue to do to fight for the liberties we enjoy. >> i was at fort myers airport and four people came up to me, what happened, they asked? i'm not sure i know the answer. they felt like the lost. what is the lessons you are taking from this election? >> think we have to do a better job.
6:47 pm
the previous segment about the dnc chair talking about racism. we have to understand the tactics being used by the liberal progressives. we have to break down this collectivism they are using and pit different groups against each other. we have to talk about policy and breaking it down as far as what economic security, energy security and national security means to every single american in this country. think we need to do a better job of clearly stating that. we need to do a better job of protecting our minority candidates. democrats talk about racism. they said nothing running ads with a gold tooth punching white women. i guarantee if republicans were doing that to a black candidate you would have heard jesse jackson and many others would have come down here.
6:48 pm
we need to eastbound pose that. >> president won 96% of the black vote can. why is that? >> i think once again, we have not done a good job of countering their hateful rhetoric that demonizes the republicans. we have lost our republican history why the republican party was established in the first place which is the open litigation of savory. our civil rights legislation history that we need to bring to the forefrontnce again and talk about how we want to make sure that everyone is part of the opportunity society and not dependency society. when you talk about the 4% decrease in the family income across the united states of america, that is 11% median family income decrease for black families. so those are the type of very critical points we need to bring out to the black community to let them know there can be a better path. >> let me ask.
6:49 pm
you are still a member of congress and will be until january. we are getting all kinds of indications from the republican caucus you in the house they are ready to accept tax increases. are there any republicans who are willing to go over the fiscal cliff rather than cave to the president's demands for higher taxes? >> i think the only people you've heard willing to go fiscal cliff, senator patty murray said that because they have one intended purpose is to raise tax rates. if you raise the top two tax brackets you are only getting $85 billion in additional revenue annually. that only takes care the debt for ten days. it will service the federal government for 21 days. so this is gimmick. we need to be able to articulate that. we need to listen to the federation of independent
6:50 pm
businesses that we protect them so we can production and manufacturing once again and economic growth. >> alan west, i sure appreciate it. next, why does al gore want to get his hands on the video of a fire tornado. the man explains why, he won't give it up coming up.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
you may have seen this stunning of a fire nado by independent videographer. this also caught the eye of pal al gore and protector of the planet and his office has been putting to license on the footage to put their baseless global warming agenda on the rest of us. sean recently sat down the man in question and not so fast to the vice president. >> joining us is chris, welcome to hannity. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. >> sean: let's take a look and we'll show this fire tornado and while we're showing it you can explain what it is? >> it's actually called a fire worm but this was incredible in intensity and thet went
6:55 pm
for. i happened to be nearby and appeared in front of me when i was filming something else. i happened to be rolling camera on smaller fire. >> sean: let's get the al gore portion of this. he writes you a letter. tell us what was in the letter? >> they asked to use license the footage for it what they said was al gore's climate presentations for the next five years. on environmental topics and i sort of knew what that was. i did research on it. i asked them several questions. i just said basically i can't allow it because it just wouldn't be telling the truth. >> sean: it was clear, you felt that he got a hold of the footage hearing is was going to purchase from you for, five-year licensing fee at a pretty
6:56 pm
significant amount of money? >> that's right. absolutely. we never got to the money because i basically on principle said no. >> sean: explain what the principle was for you? what did you fear he was going to do with this? >> for me. the more research i did, not just more gore but with the whole thing climate thing, it looks like there is a lot of non-science going on. in fact science itself seems corrupt. there is lot of money involved. there is ego involved. there is a lot of agendas involved. i didn't want to become part of the agendas. i thought it was time somebody said something. i had a chance to do that, i will. >> sean: i said to be honest in terms of global warming it's difficult for me to be fire event less relevant.
6:57 pm
that was the original letter back to the vice president's office. apparently you felt they were coming in the backdoor afterwards. they wanted this video so bad? >> about a month later i got contacted by another al gore organization, but they were doing a thing called climate reality project. it's an internet broadcast and approached me as part of an internet broadcast on environmental topics. i realized again that i did research on the project, this is another al gore thing. the producer, you know, was obviously trying to get it for the al gore organization. >> sean: there is a lot of politics surrounding all of this which is frustrating. you actually talk about there is unique set of circumstances this is fascinating. i could watch this for an
6:58 pm
hour -- but it's unique set of circumstances that allowed this to happen. explain what they are? >> that's right. it was absolutely specifically localized to that area. that fire had been going on for ten days. apparently it was set by somebody. it had been let run because in the aspect no one to hurt. it got on this guy's cattle ranch. he had been protecting this massive mesa for 55 years. they wanted to protect that environmental habitat. this particular grass which is full of oils and resins is incredibly flammable and burns hots. when it hit this patch it created incredible intense heat at the base which created own weather and big massive pillars
6:59 pm
of fire. it was actually created by the fire, not even really a dust devil. so let alone anything regionally climate base was absolutely rubbish. >> sean: i thought that was a gutsy decision and not selling the video to gore. if he uses it will you go after him? >> yes, i will have to. there is no way he has right to use it's. i made that clear twice now. i certainly would not be allowing it. i have had obviously other organizations contacting me. around the world some very big ones and none of them have even suggested to use it in climate change or climate disruption. >> sean: chris, thanks so much for being with us. fascinating video and

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